Wild Thing!

Published May 30, 2013 by The Feminist
Wild Thing

According to a couple of French meteorologists, this summer will be the coldest and wettest summer in Western Europe since 1816.


I simply refuse to believe that, because:

a)      It would make me really depressed

b)      That would mean: less (or no) barbecues

c)       I wouldn’t be able to wear any of my new summer clothes

And let’s face it, c) would be the worst thing to ever happen to any fashionista! So instead of acknowledging this gloomy weather forecast and keeping my warm sweaters nearby, I will dedicate this post to one of the craziest summer fashion trends ever: Wild animal prints. Ostriches, pandas, tigers, lions, flamingos: the entire animal kingdom is represented this summer! It’s like a cool and fashionable interpretation of the Lion King. (And you all know how much I like Disney! If you don’t, click here)

There is one brand, however, that takes the animal print to a whole other level and that is We Are Handsome. Their designer swimwear and apparel is just the most exciting collection I have ever seen. It’s bold, it’s brave, it’s übercool and totally sophisticated! I swear, I even got heart palpitations merely from watching all that wild life glamour!

You do need a lot of cojones to wear something like this, I know. People will stop and stare and be in awe of your ballsy choice of swimwear. But that’s the whole point! You’ll be the coolest person at the beach!

we are h

On the downside, We Are Handsome has a less attractive twin brother: We Are Expensive. All those lovely swimsuits, bikinis, leggings and dresses are way too expensive for my budget! By the time I’ll finally be able to afford a 500 dollar swimsuit, I will be old, wrinkly and have serious problems with cellulite. I’ll be way passed my expiration date for wearing a bikini with a tiger on my butt.  I have to have it now that I still have a killer bod and my boobs are still in the right place!

we are hand

So there are only two options left: rob a bank or marry a millionaire, preferably Leonardo Dicaprio. Since I don’t look very attractive with a black sock over my head, I think I’ll choose the latter. So my dear Leo, if you read this, I would love for you to give me that cheetah swimsuit and those panda leggings as an engagement present. I would much appreciate it, thanks!

We Are Handsome short sleeve dress / We Are Handsome scoop neck dress / We Are Handsome sleeveless dress, $340 / We Are Handsome black and white legging / We Are Handsome / We Are Handsome patterned pants / We Are Handsome triangle bikini / We Are Handsome bikini swimwear, $165

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