Wrap it Up! Be Cool, Wear a Turban!

Published May 23, 2013 by The Feminist

If you want to get noticed this summer, I have only one word for you, Ladies: TURBAN!

I love all types of head accessories. From funky hats over cute beanies to intricate twenties-style headpieces: If I can put it on my head, I simply have to have it!

The turban is no exception. It’s classy. It’s mysterious. It’s so cool it actually gives me goosebumps. (Seriously!) I’ve always thought the turban was a fantastic expression of detailed perfection, but I had never really considered trying it on in real life, because I was afraid I would look like a Sultan’s daughter. (And since I live in Belgium, that would be totally weird! 😉 )

But then Carrie Bradshaw/Sarah Jessica Parker came along.

turban parker

The way she rocked a turban in SATC2 was out of this world! Ever since I saw that movie, I can’t get the turban out of my head (pun fully intended). For years I’ve wanted to try one but I was still afraid I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

I finally realize that worrying will get me nowhere! I am going to wear a turban this summer!And to anyone who tries to stop me:

turban new girl

If some of you fellow fashionistas want to give the turban a try as well, there are many different styles you can choose from.

You can cover your entire head and stick your hair inside

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You can go for a bold printed version…

turban print

Or a stylish black one


Or if you want to gradually grow accustomed to wearing a turban, you can start by wrapping one around your forehead. (Technically, this is not a turban but a headband, but you wussies have to start somewhere right? 😉 )

turban foreheadturban fore taylor

So which version will you go for?


7 comments on “Wrap it Up! Be Cool, Wear a Turban!

  • I rock a head wrap anytime I can. I love using my colorful, ethnic scarves as turbans. I’ve mastered about 3-4 different ways to wear them. I love being adventurous enough to wear them because most people aren’t!

  • Just came across your post – been thinking about turbans lately… Love the black and white one, but think I could only just pull off a plain black… definitely a winner at the beach – protects the scalp! Also love the vintage style scarf! x

  • Love Carrie’s look. Go ahead and rock it, who cares what other people think… It is fab to be different! I love wearing scarves and head wraps in the summer. As Jocellyn said below, share if you find any good turban wrapping tutorials 😉

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