Even better than the fluffiest soufflé: it’s Michael Bublé

Published May 13, 2013 by The Feminist


I have a confession to make, dear readers. One that might severely damage my funky reputation (do note the hint of sarcasm there 😉 ).

I am a huge Michael Bublé fan… like… the BIGGEST Michael Bublé fan…EVER! Not because he has the ability to write songs that give me goosebumps (Yes, I’m referring to you, Ed Sheeran!) or because he is the definition of “sex on legs” ( Hello, Mister Bruno Mars!) or because he has a very high cuddle-factor ( Nobody could be as cuddly as the members of One Direction!)

No. The reason why I am such a huge Bublé fan is very simple: his music makes me happy. Not just happy, I’m talking about sheer Zen-like bliss! Remember when I posted about the Great Gatsby and how much I would have loved living in the roaring twenties because of the amazing fashion? Well, when it comes to music, I wish I lived in the 1950s. Big Band music, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole,… Sigh. Isn’t that just the best music of all time?

Michael Bublé reminds me that “the music of gentlemen” still exists in modern-day society. Whereas most male artists sing about asses and sex, Mr Bublé sings about Love, with a capital L. It’s slick, it’s smooth, it’s cheesy, it’s absolutely loveable! It is by far the perfect music for a rainy day when all you want to do is climb in bed with a hot chocolate and never come out.

So here’s my advice to all of you who might sometimes feel down and utterly exhausted: listen to Michael Bublé and he will bring an instant smile to your face! I promise!

Here is one my favorite songs of his new album “To be loved”: Young at heart. This song, originally sung by the crooner of all crooners (oh Franky!) , is drenched in a lovely blend of melancholy and optimism. Anything is possible, as long as you keep believing in yourself and the power of positivism. If this song doesn’t bring a smile to your face, frankly, I’m afraid you’re beyond saving…

I’m guessing you’re smiling like an idiot right now? 😉


One comment on “Even better than the fluffiest soufflé: it’s Michael Bublé

  • I LOVE him. I was at a concert of his when he announced he was getting married and I’m ashamed to say I was one of the ones booing at the news. That was before I met my husband of course…

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