The Met Gala 2013: Even better than the Oscars!

Published May 7, 2013 by The Feminist

The Met Gala is by far the most amazing, awesome, extravagant, luxurious fashion event of the year! How could it not be? It is organized by the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, so if you want to see some breathtakingly beautiful dresses, the Met Gala is the place to be!
This year’s theme was: “PUNK: Chaos to Couture”. The possibilities are endless, I would say! It’s all about having the balls to wear something creatively insane, and rock it with a giant attitude! 😉
Let’s start with the night’s best-dressed :
Beyonce in Givenchy: hell yeah!


Anne Hathaway in a stunning Valentino dress! And I give her extra credit for her bold blonde new hairdo!

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Though I’m not a big fan of Nicole Richie’s hair colour, it is definitely punk! And her dress is gorgeous and affordable!! (Thank heavens for Topshop! )

MET nicole

Not exactly punk, I would say, but breathtaking nonetheless. Jessica Alba in Tory Burch.

MET jessica alba

Though I’m not so sure about the bottom part of the dress, Kerry Washington is a vision- as always!- in Vera Wang. By the way, I.WANT.THOSE.LONG.LEATHER.GLOVES! NOW!

MET kerry

I only have one message for Rose Huntington-Whitely: Give me that dress!

MET rose
In one word: WOW! Talking about rocking the red carpet: Blake Lively!

MET blake

The best dressed celeb of the evening by far: Sarah Jessica Parker! She looks incredible! (and hurray for head pieces!)

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

In the “not so great” category:
Madonna. What was she thinking? Even if your name is Madonna, you cannot wear slutty, punky school girl outfits when you’re over 50. You simply cannot.

MET madonna

I’m usually a Miley Cyrus fashion fan, but this time I was shaking my head in disapproval when I saw her Marc Jacobs dress.

MET miley

Remember when I wrote about the jumpsuit and how much I love it? Well, this is how NOT to wear it, Kristen Stewart!

MET kristen

No Ashley. NO!

MET Ashley

So who do you think was the best dressed and worst dressed of the evening? 😉


9 comments on “The Met Gala 2013: Even better than the Oscars!

  • I’m so glad you liked something on my blog because I’m really enjoying yours! And… hmm… Rawr!: Anne. Want To Stare for Hours: Blake. Would Hang It On My Wall (in a good way..): Beyonce. DIAF: Kristin. Just, ew!

  • Ashley Olson looks like a bright orange hot air baloon in that dress. Another top no no of mine is the wallpaper outfit Kim Kardashian was wearing.

  • Nice post!! SJP, Kerry Washington and Blake Lively all looked amazing. I also loved Jessica Alba’s look, but not sure if it was dramatic enough for the event.

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