You know you’re wearing a cool outfit when tourists want to take your picture.

Published April 18, 2013 by The Feminist

I live in the lovely medieval city of Ghent. There are always a lot of tourists walking about, taking pictures of beautiful houses, monuments and cathedrals…

It seems that I was one of those monuments today, since a couple of Spanish tourists wanted to take a picture of me.

My first reaction:


My second reaction:

obama laugh

And then finally:


So what do you think?


23 comments on “You know you’re wearing a cool outfit when tourists want to take your picture.

  • How nice to hear you’re living in Ghent – I visited there briefly last year but luckily had a little time to walk about and catch a tram back through the city to the train station. I think we Melbourne folk always naturally like any city with trams – just makes us feel a bit more at home. I like the pose by the way – street fashion is so big you could end up in the Vogue equivalent in Madrid.

  • LOVE the outfit. I want those skinny leg pants (are they jeans or leggings?). I’ve had people take photos of me before also… usually in dresses though, which makes me wonder whether they were just perverts! At least with this outfit you’d be more assured that their interest was purely fashion! Gorgeous. And definitely love the reaction pics! x

  • That happened to me in NYC when I was in my late 30s, wearing a floral print dress with knee high black boots. I was so flattered 🙂

    I love your outfit! You’re in amazing shape 🙂

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