Kiss me Quick: Kissable Lips with Clinique

Published March 28, 2013 by The Feminist

clinique chubby stick intense
I don’t usually write product reviews. Especially not about beauty products, since I don’t consider myself a true expert, merely a sincere beauty product lover. Times are changing, however, because I recently purchased the most wonderful beauty product on the planet. I haven’t been that excited about a make-up product since my former BFF gave me a Chanel duo eyeshadow kit for my 18th birthday. (which is a very long time ago)

I’m talking about the ‘Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm’. The very cute crayon-like lip balms are very simple to apply, which is a very good thing for people with early signs of Parkinson’s every time they want to apply lipstick. (I’m not talking about myself, though, because I happen to have an surgeon’s steady hand, that would even make Doctor McDreamy blush!)

The colours are indeed very intense. The colour of the crayon is what you will get on your lips and that is a very rare thing! I mean, when was the last time the colour of a lipstick actually delivered the same degree of intensity on your lips?

Although the colour is really intense, I still believe you could wear these on a day to day basis. (Your trip to the grocery store was never so classy!) I bought the shade “Plushest Punch” to reflect this spring’s biggest make-up trend: fuchsia lips! What do you think of the colour?


On top of that, these chubby sticks really hydrate your lips! (hence the term “lip balm” 😉 ) and it gives your lips a creamy feel .


I think I’ll never get enough of this chubby stick.

What about you, do you have one in your beauty kit?


11 comments on “Kiss me Quick: Kissable Lips with Clinique

  • Hello Eveline! Thanks for stopping by and liking my post!

    I’m loving your blog already…good fun and oh btw, I do have one of those chubby sticks, great for daily use, easy to reapply. The fuchsia shade looks fantastic on you 🙂

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