Hey guys: Act tough, wear pink!

Published March 20, 2013 by The Feminist

men spring1
Pastels. They are most commonly associated with women’s fashion and accessories. This spring, however, men are also allowed to wear sweet candy-coloured clothes, but instead of using the word “pastel” they prefer the term “chalky” (sounds much more butchy! 😉 )

A lot of men are reluctant to try these colours, because they believe it would make them look “gay”. But let me tell you something, male readers: there is nothing sexier than a man wearing elegant pastels chalky colours! It makes men look cool, dashing (when was the last time you’ve ever been called dashing? Unless your name is James Bond, I’m guessing NEVER! ) and incredibly gentlemen-like! I especially love chalky colours on blazers, shirts and suits.


Why can’t you guys look like these gentlemen:

men fashion pastel

men spring4

But my ultimate personal favourite has to be pastel pink. For some reason pink is thought of as the epitome of femininity. Wearing pink equals crying in public, showing your emotions or owning a Chihuahua. Pink is for woosies!

Think again, dear gentlemen! Pink represents confidence. Wearing pink means you’re brave enough to be in tough with your softer side WITHOUT losing your inner Tarzan! Wearing pink is sexy! So throw all your previous “pink is for sissies” assumptions overboard and embrace your pink-loving side! You know you want to… 😉

men spring

men fashion pinl


12 comments on “Hey guys: Act tough, wear pink!

  • I agree E! The images you’ve included show men who are confident and secure in their skin with the balls to be fashionable and flirty!

    Great post!

  • Guys should definitely wear more colors expecially yellow pink and white. The same shoud go for business. Black shoudnt be mandatory at all it rather should be beautiul bright and positive colors.

  • The other day I wore a pink jumper, dark grey blazer above, and my pocket square had pinks/purples/blues/whites running through (I’ll blog it right after this infact).

    Anyway, I pop into where one of my female friend works, and she says, ‘You look really camp! You’re giving off the wrong signals.’

    I was like pfftt…whatever.

    My next major-ish fashion purchase is going to a pink coloured blazer like the one in the last pic – beautiful

  • Hello! Thanks for liking my blog… I really like yours too. Although winemaking can be quite a macho trade, I’m a big fan of cupcakes, and pink shirts… loved wearing my Thomas Pink classic pink dress shirt when I lived in NZ and France, just to conform to the classic English stereotype! Keep up the good work, Sam

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