I hate blond men. Except for Simon Baker.He is one fine piece of Man Candy

Published March 12, 2013 by The Feminist

I hate blond men. I hate smug blond men. But I don’t hate Simon Baker. On the contrary, I think Simon Baker is the sexiest blond man on the Big Screen since Orlando Bloom stopped playing drop-dead-gorgeous Legolas in the Lord of the Rings.

Anyone who watches the Mentalist will agree with me that the show can be very addictive. If you’re not careful, it can literally take over your life, one episode at a time, until the only thing you can think about is Patrick Jane’s smirk and bloody Red John smiley faces.

Needless to say that I simply cannot wait until “I give it a year” is released in Belgian theatres! (Honestly, why does Belgium always have to release films long after their original release dates in the US or the UK???) Just watch the trailer below, you’ll know what I mean. (It starts with an -S, and it ends in -Imon Baker is smokin’! 😉  )

By the way, did you know that Simon Baker is the new face for Givenchy? The ad for Givenchy’s new fragrance “Gentlemen Only” shows him –soaking wet in a rainstorm!- giving his umbrella to a lady. Sigh. What a modern-day gentleman. Seriously, the ad gives me goosebumps!!

simon baker givenchy

PS: Feel free to tell me your favourite blondie


13 comments on “I hate blond men. Except for Simon Baker.He is one fine piece of Man Candy

  • I totally agree! I don’t know what it is about blonde males (no offence guys!) that really throws me off. Not attractive… :/ (again, sorry) My favorite blonde? Hands down.. Kurt Cobain. Then, any model that wants to walk straight off the runway and into my arms 😉

  • I cannot let the Mentalist be mentioned without talking about Kimball Cho. a) Kimball Cho is a pretty awesome name, b) Tim Kang’s deadpan delivery has produced some of my favourite moments on that show.

    I like Simon Baker, although lately he’s pimped his Mentalist persona out to an Australasian bank, and whoever is writing them is doing a *terrible* job. Hopefully the Mentalist can come back soon and erase the poor impression those adds leave in the brain.

  • He does the ads for a bank here in New Zealand. Patrick Jane style. So he’s observing people in public and saying what kind of loan they need or something. Hilarious!!

  • I’m supposed to be noticing your A to Z post for April 1st but you distracted me with Simon Baker ;-p Have you seen SOMETHING NEW? he plays a sexy landscape gardener and the shirt does come off. Sigh. 😉

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