Gasp, Sigh and Smile: 3 very good reasons to watch – and love – The Vampire Diaries

Published February 21, 2013 by The Feminist

I watch a lot of TV. Too much, my mother would say. But is it my fault that there are simply so many awesome TV-series out there? I’m currently addicted to Suits (no surprise there, as it is, after all, about sexy men wearing sexy suits) and Glee (no suits there I’m afraid, but all the musical songs really make me appreciate and embrace my theatrical side). One month you’re addicted to one TV-series, next month you’re addicted to another. It’s what Elton John would call the circle of TV-life.

However, there is one exception. I was, am, and will probably stay addicted to The Vampire Diaries for a very very very long time. Drama, mystery and vampires. What more could you possible need? Very sexy actors maybe? Well, consider it done, because the Vampire Diaries has PLENTY of yummy hotties! ! Since I’m confessing, every time I watch an episode it feels as if I’m thirteen again, sitting on the couch with this ridiculous smirk on my face. But I don’t care, the show is just too good to dwell on one’s childish behaviour. 😉

Anyway, here are the three main reasons why I absolutely love the show:

1) Klaus and his British accent: I have always had a soft spot for British accents and every single time he says “love” I have this sudden urge to start giggling.

The Birthday

2) Jeremy and his muscles: He started out as Elena’s lonely little brother but those times are now officially behind us. Bye bye baby face, hello handsome! Just look at his arms!


I’ll leave some space for you to gasp at all this sexiness 😉

3) Damon and his one liners: Apart from being a total hunk, it is first and foremost his great sense of sarcasm that turns him into the sexiest character on the show.

damon TVD


5 comments on “Gasp, Sigh and Smile: 3 very good reasons to watch – and love – The Vampire Diaries

  • Love the cast, crew, story line and everything that went down in this series. Have heard a lot about it and only just started and i must confess its not been disappointing. Demon is die hard SEXY!

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