How to make studying interesting: put the stud in study

Published January 29, 2013 by The Feminist

hey girl ryan gosling
Two more days to go and I am finally exam free. I feel like I have been living like a caveman the past few weeks. Waking up, studying, eating, studying, eating, and so on. When your social life is practically nonexistent and when you only leave the house to go to the supermarket, you know it is about time the exams are over.

I am truly SICK of studying! Merely looking at my books triggers a sudden gag reflex. So I decided to throw my books in the bin and have fun for a change! I still had to stay at home – to keep up appearances 😉 – and therefore needed to find the perfect outlet for my emotions indoors.

This is where the sexy men come in. What better way to relax than to watch your favourite hot actors in your favourite films and TV series?

Here is a list of all the things I’ve been watching over the past few days to boost my spirits:

1) Gossip Girl, reminding me of the fact that Chuck Bass is probably the sexiest TV character of the century.

chuck hey girl

2) And then there is Matt Bomer! World’s most perfect man!

With or without a beard

matt bomer beard

With or without glasses

matt bomer glasses

With or without hat

matt bomer hat

And with or without clothes: he is always sexy!

matt bomer shirtless

Season 4 of White Collar returned last Tuesday so you can probably imagine how excited I was about that. 😉

matt funny

3) And last but not least: Coca Cola Light released a new commercial this week! Starring a sexy man! With his shirt off! And it’s smoking hot!

What do you think? Is it the exam stress talking or do you believe it is my God damn right to drool over these sexy men? P-leeeaaase say the latter! Otherwise it would be quite embarrassing …


8 comments on “How to make studying interesting: put the stud in study

  • Lol, this made me laugh. Kind of miss those days of studying. I guess I want to go back to school and am the type that likes school. Though it is good to take a break after studying so much by doing other things such as drooling over hot guys.

  • Hahahaa… you’re hilarious! I do remember the first time I saw Matt Bomer on TV. I was absolutely in awe of how phenotypically perfect he is. Wow. I still haven’t seen Magic Mike and I don’t particularly want to as… well… I won’t bother explaining. Married woman. That is all. But I am so glad that these ‘companions’ are helping with the study boredom! It’ll be over soon, good luck! xx

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