Oh no, it’s Gangnam Style: in 2013 everything will be Korean

Published January 4, 2013 by The Feminist

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past six months, you’re probably acquainted with the hyperkinetic K-Pop earworm “Gangnam Style”. If you thought K-Pop would just be a 2012 hype, think again, because Gangnam Style will be everywhere in 2013 as well. But do not be afraid, dear readers! This year K-pop will also be accompanied by K-Fashion and K-Food, two things I am much more excited about than that funny little “Gangnam” dance.

korean food

Korean food is one of the most trendy cuisines at the moment, because of its perfect balance of texture, flavour, aroma and acidity. If you haven’t tried Korean food before, you should definitely give it a try: visit a Korean Restaurant or simply cook your own Korean food at home and turn your kitchen into your own little Gangnam!koreanfood_bibimbap


For the past two years, we’ve seen a lot of Asian and oriental influences on the runway. But this spring be prepared to take it one step further and go Korean on your make-up! Korean women are obsessed with beauty: think false lashes and a perfect skin. Add to this a beautiful and elegant kimono ( with a Western twist) and a couple of oversized oriental accessories and you’re good to go!koreankorean2


One comment on “Oh no, it’s Gangnam Style: in 2013 everything will be Korean

  • I totally agree! Add to the list K-Spa, as in King Spa and Sauna out of Chicago. The South has a version in Jeju Spa and Sauna in Atlanta…I propose they will take off and be like the mega-gyms of the last decade…check them out and you will want to fork over $25 for the privilege of a Korean spa experience!

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