Culinary genius at work

Published December 2, 2012 by The Feminist

I don’t like following recipes. I never stick to measurements and I always add more flavours. I simply wing it and go on instinct. (A very good instinct, I might add! 😉 )

When I was standing in front of my pantry this morning, I discovered I had all the ingredients to make a wonderful paella. Unfortunately though, one key ingredient was missing: the actual paella rice. Being the culinary genius I am, I decided to do a Middle Eastern twist on the Spanish paella. Instead of rice, I used couscous!

To those who don’t have the oddball-gene and find my chaotic cooking terribly confusing :
Stop frowning, because it was utterly delicious! So do me a favour, throw those previous paella assumptions overboard: paella isn’t about following a recipe, it is about your state of mind. As long as you’re cooking with passion and love, everything you cook will be worthy of the name “paella”.

Ps: I added some yummy panfried mackerel as well to turn this lovely dish into a true showstopper!


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