short haired women rule! ~a post written by a proud short haired woman

Published November 7, 2012 by The Feminist

Remember when Miley Cyrus cut off her beautiful long brown hair and went for an edgy platinum short haircut?
I thought she looked AMAZING!
However, most people reacted differently. Here is a short summary of all the (crazy) reactions:
“She’s gone Britney!”
“It’s a cry for help!”
“She looks like Draco Malphoy”
“insane stunt”
For once and for all, beautiful women who cut off their hair aren’t mentally insane, it’s those who ACTUALLY THINK they have gone mad, who should be committed to the cuckoo’s nest!
Miley Cyrus declared afterwards that she “never felt more me in my whole life”, and being a short-haired woman myself, I can definitely concur.
I used to have long blond hair. Not because I thought it was beautiful per se , but because I thought I had to have long hair TO FIT IN.
Aren’t we all trying to fit in? We act, speak and dress the way everyone else acts, speaks and dresses. We are afraid to be different, because in this crazy world, we seem to think that being different results in being alone. Hence, we try desperately to be like everyone else – “normal” – but under the surface it almost feels as if you are losing your soul and personality .
I used to be like that… until I realized that “fitting in” wasn’t making me happier. So I decided to delete those words from my brain and replace them with “STANDING OUT”!
I threw away the jeans and sneakers and bought a pencil skirt and stilettos instead. I cashed in my long blond waves for a short fiery red haircut. I haven’t regretted it since!
I felt liberated and free.
I felt me…

In short (pun fully intended), short hair stands for embracing your inner queen!
Give Miley, Emma, Rihanna and all the others a break. They are all Bright, Bold and Brave! And so am I ! 😉


One comment on “short haired women rule! ~a post written by a proud short haired woman

  • De vorige keer dat ik van de kapper terug kwam (ik citeer mijn mams): Maar allé! ZO kort!
    Ik kan niet wachten tot ik het terug kan laten knippen… Spijtig genoeg vertrouw ik die Italiaanse kappers nie zo :p

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