Mums know best… except when it comes to my wardrobe

Published October 22, 2012 by The Feminist

7. 30 this morning. I was just about to go out the door when my mom suddenly said : “Don’t you think those shorts are a little bit too short?” But I could see in her eyes that what she actually meant was: “ Put on something else or I’m not letting you out that door!”
What followed was a very loud argument and eventually I angrily put on something else…
Now, there is something you need to know about me: Although I can handle criticism pretty well, NEVER EVER EVER dare to criticize my outfit.
Every outfit of mine is planned to detail, from accessories to the type of socks. I had been putting this outfit together for the whole bloody weekend. So when someone comments on my clothes, they don’t just comment on that, they comment on the entire creative concept. Being a true fashionista, that hurts like hell.
I love my mom, I do. I always go to her for advice and I appreciate her opinion on a lot of different matters. But fashion? No. That’s between me, my closet and my sense of style.
Hence, I still believe the outfit was RIDICULOUSLY COOL . A short black playsuit with a white collar and golden buttons. Black transparent tights with knitted over-the-knee socks. (I LOVE layering tights and knee high socks, because it adds another dimension and is fall appropriate) Black pumps and a leather jacket. Surely, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! If Alexa Chung can pull it off, well so can I!
But nevertheless, I would like to hear your opinion, fellow fashionistas! Was my mother right or not? That is the question…

21 comments on “Mums know best… except when it comes to my wardrobe

  • OK, I know I am coming into this conversation a few days late, but I must comment. I LOVE this look and if I could pull it off I would ABSOLUTELY wear this to work. To answer your question, I think your mom was right in that everyone is allowed their own opinion, but wrong in that it ruined your opinion and made you feel that your – ADORABLE – outfit was in some way inappropriate. I must admit, I get to “dress-down” at work SO, short shorts with tights/leggings/nylons would be absolutely fine AND by adding the over the knee socks to cover even more of the leg would make it all the more appropriate. SO, in short, no I do not think your mom was correct – she would be especially incorrect if she was commenting on my “work” outfit. SO, where were you going? And, has anyone at your destination ever commented on outfit appropriateness? From your blog, it appears, you are very fashion forward so I would assume that those at your destination would expect a cool and somewhat edgy outfit from you…making your original outfit all the more appropriate! I hope you’ve worn this outfit since ;-). HAPPY DRESSING! XO, The Pinterest Woman

  • In Africa, your mother would slap the chocolate out of you if she even suspected that you thought of walking out the door in that attire. But I like it. I would wear it in my fantasy and flaunt my big ass in those socks. Kewl!

  • Yup, that is a freaking awesome outfit! Love it! I wear short shorts aaaallll the time if the weather permits. You can do so much with them! I have the high-ish waisted caramel pair with 3 gold buttons and and an inch or so turned up at the bottom. They are the most adorable thing when I wear a bit of frill in the top or a cute colour like peach… You just have to do what makes you feel like you have indeed done something creative with your outfit so that it’s more than just clothes. Keep dressing like that and you’ll make people smile!!
    PS: thanks for stopping by my post. =)

  • Okay, I’m a little older than you, but in the 1980s (when I was in my teens and 20s) we had a saying, “Ask your mother ‘How do I look?’ If she says you look like shit, then you look amazing and you’re ready for a night on the town.” 🙂

    But that said, I may be old enough to be your mom and I love the look in the photo! Adorable, sexy and edgy. You’re young and you should look exciting, not boring 😉

  • Totally relate to the “creative process” comment. I plan my entire week’s worth of outfits days in advance – usually over the weekends – and I, too, have everything down to minute detail. I’ve never been able to articulate why it stings when people comment negatively; always thought I was just being sensitive. Thanks for putting my thoughts into words…I may have to quote you on this. ;p

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