Life is a combination of magic and pasta. – Fellini

Published September 27, 2012 by The Feminist


Pasta and romance. Romance and pasta. The two seem to be intertwined. And we have Walt Disney to blame for that, because one of Disney’s most famous romantic scenes is definitely the “Spaghetti Kiss” from Lady and the Tramp. For those who come from another planet, here’s a brief description:

The lady and the tramp are having a candlelit dinner at a romantic little Italian restaurant.(‘Tony’s’ if I remember correctly) They are sharing a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, while the waiter is singing the beautiful tearjerker Bella Notte. And then –woops!- they accidentally kiss as they swallow opposite ends of the same spaghetti strand.

It’s iconic.

That is why lovebirds all over the world like to cook each other a bowl of pasta. It’s easy to cook, it’s utterly delicious and it brings a smile to everyone’s face. And last but not least, slurping spaghetti looks very sexy, because it draws attention to your lips.

But for all the single ladies who don’t have a lover to share a bowl of steaming pasta with, IGNORE ALL THE ABOVE!

Pasta always tastes good, regardless of who may – or may not – be sitting in front of you at the table. Just remember: Not having a boyfriend means not having to share food!

Take a seat in your comfy couch, or on the floor in front of the fire place, and enjoy your bowl of delight with one hand. Aah, heaven!


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